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Shan Porte
Massage Therapist
Hello, I've been doing massage as a career since I graduated with Excellence from the Humanities Center School of Massage in 2004. In that time I've worked in a variety of settings, from chiropractic clinics, to wellness centers in hospitals, to day spas, 5 star luxury resorts and eventually my own business. My favorite type of bodywork is something I call Integrative Massage because it draws upon all my years of experience, my intuition and allows me to pick the right modality to best address each client's individual needs. I believe we are all unique and therefore a "cookie cutter", one-size fits all massage session is not what I'm about. There's a great massage quote that says: "Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel." My philosophy is that everyone deserves a space where they can go to relax, restore, heal, recharge and find their center again. I love my job because I love helping people be the best version of themselves.
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